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How To Avoid Being A Lane Hogger

Often, when driving on the highway, we encounter drivers who maintain a constant speed in the passing lane. This phenomenon even has a specific term: lane hogger. The term "Lane Hogger" refers to the act of driving on the highway while maintaining a constant speed in the right lane without accelerating. This often hinders the progress of vehicles behind them. This behavior can impede traffic flow, endanger other drivers, or even cause accidents on the highway.


Why Diesel Tends To Use Less Fuel

Diesel engines might not be the choice for everyone, but they have their loyalists. In fact, in some countries, many people tune their diesel engines to make them more powerful. Besides power, one of the advantages of diesel engines is fuel efficiency, which is hard to match by regular internal combustion engines. Why is that? Forceum can explain a few reasons:


Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Spring

Lowering a car is often done by automotive enthusiasts. The purpose? Often for aesthetics, fitment, or for better handling due to a lower center of gravity. There are various ways to lower a car, such as air suspension, coilovers, sport kits/lowering kits, or the cheapest option, which is cutting the springs.


Simple And Nice, Suzuki Jimny On Forceum ATZ

The Suzuki Jimny indeed has its own charisma. Its retro design with modern touches and its compact dimensions make the Suzuki Jimny an "Instant Hit" in various countries. The Suzuki Jimny is also suitable as a blank canvas for modifications, its unique shape and high aftermarket support making it almost limitless for creative customization.


How Music Affect Your Driving Style

Driving with music has become a standard in this era. Music provides entertainment for drivers without too much distraction. However, like everything else, excessive music can have negative impacts.


Forceum Heptagon HT, Your Ultimate Highway Companion

Driving on the highway demands more than just any ordinary tyre, it requires precision, reliability, and safety. Meet the Forceum Heptagon HT, an exceptional all-season tyre engineered to meet the demands of highway navigation while ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. What are some of Forceum Heptagon HT main features? Here are some of them: