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More Than 12 Women Participated In Woman Drift Challenge 2023

The Woman Drift Challenge (WDC) event is an interesting event in the Indonesia Drift Series (IDS) 2023. In this event, more than 12 women participated in a series of challenges and were divided into two classes, Pro and Amateur.


Forceum Supports The Woman Drift Challenge 2023

The Indonesia Drift Series (IDS) 2023 event this time is quite unique. Because in this event, the 2023 Woman Drift Challenge (WDC) is also held where participants who are 100% women take part in small competitions.


Forceum M/T-08 Plus, Why It’s Chosen For Borneo Tribute 2023

The Forceum M/T-08 Plus is now the official tyre of the Borneo Tribute 2023 event which starts on May 14, 2023. Why is the Forceum M/T-08 Plus tyre suitable for this event? Because the Forceum M/T-08 Plus has several important points:


Forceum M/T-08 As The Official Borneo Tribute Tyre

The Borneo Tribute team tour departs for Surabaya where the team will travel more than 800 km to start the Borneo Tribute event. The tour start on May 14, 2023, in the Cipali rest area (102) as the gathering point as well as 6 additional rest points to check the vehicles. Team Borneo uses a Forceum M/T-08 Plus measuring at 265/75 R16 LT, this tour also tests the strength of the Forceum M/T-08 Plus tires for asphalt use before finally being tested also on the legendary Camel Trophy track. 


7 Necessary Emergency Kit For Your Car

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. So, it's a good idea for drivers to always prepare for the worst. For that, there are several tools needed in the car to anticipate this. What are the things to bring? Here are a list from Forceum.


3 Types Of Driving Distraction

When driving, of course, you have to focus on the road to avoid accidents. But unfortunately, drivers are often unfocused and experience distractions. According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), distraction was responsible for the loss of 3,142 lives and injuring 424,000 people in 2020 in the United States. Even when driving, there are several types of distractions that can be dangerous. Citing from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are 3 types of distractions that Forceum will describe and give examples of: