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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Boredom In A Traffic Jam

Being stuck in traffic is one of the most annoying aspects of driving. Even when not moving, drivers still need to stay alert. This situation can lead to boredom and fatigue. Therefore, Forceum has some tips to prevent boredom when stuck in traffic.


The Secret Of Properly Tightened Lug Nuts

Changing the wheels on a car can be considered one of the basic skills for car maintenance, especially when facing road issues like a flat tyre. However, when replacing a tyre or rim, tightening the wheel bolts is often overlooked.


Preventing Water Stains On Your Car Window

In some older cars, the glass and windows often accumulate stubborn stains or crust, typically appearing in black or white. This is a result of persistent water stains. This can be bothersome both aesthetically and functionally as it hinders visibility. The resale value of the car may also decrease due to this detail. Removing these stains can be challenging, and in some rare cases, it may require replacing the glass. So, what can be done to prevent these stains? It's not difficult.


Leaving Your Car For A Long Time Might Cause These Problems

Your car can be parked for an extended period, for example, if one frequently uses public transportation or leaves town. However, cars are not designed to be parked for long durations. Here are five things that can happen when a car is left idle for an extended period:


5 Damages That May Affect Your Next Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a crucial aspect of car maintenance. Though it doesn't have a fixed schedule, wheel alignment significantly impacts the driving experience and tyre longevity. However, sometimes you may come across a car that is difficult to align. The reasons behind this issue are varied:


2 Main Types Of Automotive Glass Material

Glass is commonly seen as an ordinary material, but in reality, it has advanced significantly with various types and models. Besides regular glass, there are several types commonly used, primarily laminated and tempered glass.