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Bump Stop Prevent Your Car From Bottoming Out

We never want our cars to scrape to the road. Maybe your car has a carbon fiber splitter that you don’t want to ruin as much as possible.


Prevents Mold In Your Car

Just like other components in the car, the interior area must be maintained. Moreover, when driving, of course you will spend most of your time in the car. It's useless as good as any sense of driving a car with sporty Forceum Hena tyres, if the cabin is uncomfortable, driving the car won’t be fun.


Tyre Steel Cords Are One Of Your Tyre Main Structural Component

You may have experienced this, using tyres that turned out to be very worn out, until you can see the cord or wire that is made out of metal from the tyre poking out.


Getting Rear visibility Easily

Getting all around visibility when driving is very important, as important as getting good visibility in the front. Because, obstacles and other vehicles are all around us.


Stretch Tyre Needs High Tyre Pressure

Stretch tyres are now used widely. Usually, this tyre fitment is used so people can install large and wide wheels without worrying about rubbing with the fenders.


Why Electric Cars Doesn't Need Front Grill

Electric cars are now rampant and are becoming increasingly common. Moreover, the use in the city which is in fact quite a short trip is very possible by today's electric cars with a considerable mileage capacity.